Winchester / Marbles / Lyman Front sight bead insert for 1886,1892, 1894. Vintage inserts for Winchester model 1886. 1892, 1894 front blade type sight. These came from the original Winchester Custom Gun shop that went to auction in the early 1990's.
Our front sight blocks are available in .730, .875 or .925 bore versions to accommodate the most popular ... - Lyman globe sight - Lyman sight inserts - Shaver sight ...

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Lyman's 17a target sights are machined from a solid piece of steel and are designed to be mounted in 3/8" dovetail slots.They are supplied with seven interchangeable inserts that are locked in place with a threaded cap. Type: Fiber Optic Front Frame Material: Steel Frame Color: Blued Firearm Fit: Muzzleloader Base Configuration: Dovetail .37"
Lyman #17A Muzzleloader Front target Sight on sale and available from our online store. OpticsPlanet, Inc is an Authorized US Distributor for Lyman Tritium & Fiber Optic Night Sights. The ideal companion for the 57SML receiver sight. The ideal companion for the 57SML receiver sight, the 17 comes complete with a set of 8 interchangeable inserts.

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For the 03 Springfield, it lists either the Lyman 48C or 57SME sight for the rear and the 17AXNA front, which is a globe target front sight that came with 9 inserts. Bead front sights for that rifle using either the 48 or 57 rear are the Lyman 26NA or 32NA.
Lyman 20 / Anshutz Front Sight Inserts for PH Matchmaker. I ordered these to go into my Parker Hale Matchmaker front sight tunnel - they are great! The LS004 inserts are thinner and somewhat more delicate, obviously, than the original PH inserts, but they are the same diameter within a...

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Lyman 93 MJT globe front sight. $ 82.00. Mail Icon. Email us about this product. The 93 match sight (7/8" diameter) mounts on a standard dovetail base or one of our front sight adapters. It is supplied with seven Anschutz size inserts. The sight height is .550 from the top of the dovetail to the center of the aperture.
Buy Amazon Com Customer Reviews Lyman Universal Case Prep And Amazon Com Lyman 93 Match W Inserts Tgt Front Sight Amazon Com Customer Reviews Lyman Universal Ca

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Every MSR needs a good set of rifle sights. Shop our great selection of Iron Sights, Fixed Sights, & Flip-Up Sights.
Jun 06, 2007 · I have that rear sight on my Lyman. I have peep sights on alot of my rifles. However I do not like your front sight choice. I have too much trouble picking up light in hunting situations with that type of front sight. I prefer a tall, narrow body, white front bead. I use the smaller bead. I like my front bead to be at least.433 tall. I even ...

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Mcs Metal 22mm Front Sight Inserts Shown with slotted front sight (not included). The Mid Tompkins front sight has been discontinued and been replaced with a much higher quality machined front sight. These sights, unlike the Tompkins sights, will accept a standard 22mm German iris. The MCS101 model will work with either the metal inserts (#MCS104) or the 22mm iris. The MCS103 level works with ...

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17A Target Sights from Lyman are machined from a solid piece of steel and are designed to be mounted in 3/8"dovetail slots (except 17AEU which has a .360" metric size dovetail). They are supplied with eight interchangeable inserts (see photo and descri.

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Same as Lyman 17 inserts. The rifles chambered for .375 H&H Mag had the Lyman 6W folding rear sight. Model 70 National Match (chambered for .30-06 only) had a Lyman No. 77 front sight on a forged ramp sight base and a Lyman No. 48WH rear sight.

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