ure 8-14A, can result in exhaust gas leakage. In addition to the CO hazard, failure of heat exchanger surfaces can permit exhaust gases to be drawn into the engine induction system and cause engine overheating and power loss. 8-47. MANIFOLD/STACK FAILURES. Exhaust manifold and stack failures are also usually fatigue-type failures which occur at
One way to repair a cast iron manifold is to braze it. Brazing is the process of melting a nonferrous material with a lower melting point onto a base material with a higher melting point. The brazing temperature is, generally, at or above 800 degrees F. In this case a brass rod will be melted into a prepared groove on the manifold crack.

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Nov 14, 2007 · At the top of the stairs off to one side, I had a 4A exhaust manifold that had "the crack" between 2&3 and that I was saving to have heliarc'ed someday. Well the next thing I knew I see the manifold cartwheeling down the stairs, taking out the edge of one stair on the way down to continue to smash into a pretty decent driver's door (r.i.p) then ...
May 26, 2006 · Next time, stuff a rag in the the tailpipe, and rev the engine to find the leak. Save the antifreeze for dog poison, or maybe even your cooling system. BTW, we've had success by brazing exhaust manifold cracks. Sometimes they don't fit right when you put them back on, though.

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Sep 22, 2020 · Braze it with brass brazing rod if your going to go that route. My first instinct would be to cut a peice of 3/8 steel to make a little flange that can sit behind there. Grind it so it's as big as possible, but fits nice. Then drill a hole a thousandth under for the bolt. Or thread it for a stud or bolt. Then cinch it together and see if it holds.
Classic Industries offers a wide selection of 1967 Plymouth All Models parts, including 1967 Plymouth All Models interior parts and soft trim, 1967 Plymouth All Models exterior sheet metal, 1967 Plymouth All Models moldings, 1967 Plymouth All Models emblems, 1967 Plymouth All Models weatherstrip and unique accessories, to nearly every nut and bolt needed for installation.

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A performance exhaust manifold, like the aFe BladeRunner Exhaust Manifold, wakes up your street machine with high-flow ductile iron or 304 stainless steel castings. This boosts your low-end grunt for...
The key to successful Pin Brazing as with traditional Brazing techniques relies upon many key factors and there are several main factors, but when it comes to Pin Brazing there are just five areas on which I primarily focus when providing training classes or presentations. These are Power Supply, Surface Preparation for your connection, Surface Preparation for your Earth Device, having the ...

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It will continue to grow until eventually it causes a major problem like a combustion or coolant leak, an exhaust leak in an exhaust manifold or a vacuum or coolant leak in an intake manifold. A crack that propagates and spreads in a critical component such as a rod, main cap, crankshaft or cam can lead to fracture, part breakage and complete ...
Jul 23, 2017 · Finally, took off the exhaust manifold and then you could hear air in through the exhaust ports of the manifold. Then knew about where the leak was and once i blocked off the turbo and filled the exhaust chambers of manifold with water, i could clearly see where the crack was in the manifold - behind one of the frost plugs in the manifold .

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Just cut the tube off near the nut and braze the tube solid. That will let you use the existing pieces and not damage the manifold - in case you ever want to refit the pieces - hah! Or you could get a 1/2" (I think) piece of rod and a new olive for tubing and use that as a plug with the existing nut.

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When you will put it back on the engine, there is a lot of risk that you have an exhaust leak between the cylinder head and the manifold due to twisting. If you try to weld it in place, there is a lot of chance that the temperature difference between the welding spot and the rest of the manifold create another crack that will appear just beside ...

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